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Boost Brain Power in just 10 Minutes

A new study shows that just 10 minutes of exercise can┬ámeasurably improve your brain power. If you have trouble with focus, or have a “foggy brain”, this could help you.

While there is a lot of research on the multitude of benefits from long-term and prolonged exercise, Researchers from Western University, have discovered that even a short 10 minute burst of exercise can improve cognitive function, particularly in decision-making, problem-solving, and focus, at least temporarily.

Young healthy adults participating in the experiment were subject to 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise, and then assessed, with immediate results. A control group that did not exercise showed no marked improvement in cognitive function.

The results preliminary, but may be important in the research of elderly patients with dementia, especially if they are not very mobile.

About to write a test, write your dissertation, go into a meeting, or just need to focus? It can be as simple as putting on your runners, and doing jumping jacks, skipping, or power yoga. All you need to do is get that heart rate up for 10 minutes. Try it and tell us if it worked for you!

Read the full study here.